Boyfriend Vashikaran Mantra

Boyfriend Vashikaran Mantra





Boyfriend vashikaran mantra is a method of vashikaran which is specially to attract male person for you and it works for female only. Mantra for boyfriend vashikaran is made for boyfriend actually and it is ancient vidhi of boyfriend vashikaran which is very famous since ancient times. If you want powerful mantra boyfriend vashikaran, shabar vashikaran mantra for boyfriend, ex boyfriend vashikaran mantra so you can read this article about boyfriend vashikaran vidhi where i given some very popular and working vashikaran vidhi for bf vashikaran mantra. In any case if you do the boyfriend vashikaran mantra and it do not work according to you so that means you need to have a short reading and matchmaking analysis or some kind of powerful boyfriend vashikaran vidhi to make your beloved in favor fast. Gurumata maya gives best vashikaran mantra for boyfriend and advice to win lost boyfriend back. If you are going to use any vashikaran mantra to get boyfriend back so before that read this article carefully which is very helpful to achieve success into boyfriend vashikaran vidhi. Mentioned boyfriend vashikaran upay are safe to use and and by reading article only you can use it if you have little bit knowledge of vedic pooja vidhi. If you do not know anything so you can contact here also by phone or using email id to have advice and guidance for same or to take guaranteed boyfriend vashikaran services from maataji online. After doing daily pooja if someone recite this prabal vashikaran mantra 1008 times regularly so amazing influence power get generated into the body which make you important and special between social gathering and public places. It is best vashikaran mantra for boyfriend also because it always work for you when you meet your beloved face to face and want to have attention from beloved.

|| Om namoh kadsnvarini Name vashkari swaha ll

Vashikaran Mantra For Boyfriend In Hindi



Vashikaran mantra for boyfriend in Hindi is to attract boyfriend or win his heart again. Many time you loose boyfriend due to the fight and tension and misunderstanding which create distance and gap between you and him.By using vashikaran mantra for boyfriend back you can get the desired one back easily. This boyfriend vashikaran vidhi you should start from the moon eclipse night, take ash of dead body from any shamshan and keep that ash below your aasan and do this vashikaran mantra for boyfriend which written below and after mantra sprinkle the ash over your ex boyfriend when you get chance so boyfriend comes in favor and control easily and if you sprinkle the ash 4-5 times extra so it makes strong vashikaran effect over boyfriend which lives permanent over him. If you want your boyfriend back at any cost and ready to do any ritual, mantra or upay to get boyfriend back so you should do this given prayog with rule and regulation to have changes. It is the most easy and powerful vashikaran mantra to get ex boyfriend back or in control again.

ॐ क्रीं क्रीं क्रीं क्राम क्राम क्राम स्फ्रें स्फ्रें धां धां ठः ठः

Powerful Vashikaran Mantra To Attract Boyfriend

Powerful vashikaran mantra to attract boyfriend is also possible to get done by hiring any genuine astrologer or tantrik to do it behalf of you. Strong vashikaran mantra to control boyfriend is not so easy to do because it is a complete tantrik karma that should be done with perfection under auspicious time and date which should be prefered to ask pandit before doing the vashikaran. By using the strong vashikaran mantra to attract boyfriend we can increase love and attraction in mind of desired person and push him to become in favor and to listen our words. These kind of vidhi and upay astrologer use to treat the complicate cases where problem look so tough and not easy to solve by any short term way.

Mantra For Vashikaran Of Boyfriend

Mantra for vashikaran of boyfriend as mentioned above or below should be done only when you have some basic informations about tantrik or vedic karma but it does not mean if you do not know anything about powerful mantra for vashikaran of boyfriend so you cannot do it, you can do the strong mantra for vashikaran of boyfriend using help of a boyfriend vashikaran specialist of your town or any pandit who knows about mantra anusthan and yagna. Mantra for boyfriend vashikaran easily you should follow bramhcharya rules and purity in case if you have non vegi diet or you are alcohalic. In all kind of tantra mantra it is important to follow the rules and regulations for purity of mind and to have benefit from it.


Boyfriend Vashikaran Remediesboyfriend-strong-vashikaran-mantra

Boyfriend vashikaran remedies and tips are very helpful for general issues which arise between every couple alwyas and if without waiting, you apply the boyfriend vashikaran remedies over him so you can get your love life back and solve the dispute and problem easily without using any long vashikaran procedure. Boyfriend vashikaran remedies make your beloved in control without showing any sign or symptom. It is easy to use and work in all kind of problem.

1. If you cut the boyfriend hairs when he sleeps and burn 11 hairs with cloves into shamshan and bury there at any dark moon night so boyfriend never listen anyone else and obey your words. And if rest hairs you put into any amulet and wear in neck so he can become your slave and live in relationship so long as you want.

2. If your boyfriend trying to move on and living far away from you so in that case you should write 32sa yantra over the used shirt of boyfriend and keep it under 8 bricks and light a mustard oil lamp from his name daily to make him come back.

3. If you take clay of boyfriend’s left feet at sunday or tuesday and make idol of him by adding extra clay and mixing the feet clay and daily put some honey drops and light ghee lamp over head of idol so desired boyfriend get attract again and accept your relationship.

4. Cut the nails of your hand, legs, cut 11 hairs of head, rub body from cotton to get some body smell and mix everything and burn it to get ash and that ash if you mix into boyfriend food and drinks when get chance so after 3-4 doses your boyfriend comes in full control easily but this remedy should be done when everything is normal. It is just to avoid any problem between love relationship.

Boyfriend Vashikaran Totke



Boyfriend vashikaran totke in Hindi is really powerful and people experienced changes and results after using it. If you are also suffering from boyfriend relationship problem and want solution so try our powerful boyfriend vashikaran totke to get ex boyfriend back.

  • When you have your periods, take some from that at first day, second day and third day and each day mix your right hand ring finger blood into that and mix it into the food and drink of your boyfriend and give him to feed, that is best boyfriend vashikaran totka which work in all relationship problem.
  • Take shirt of your boyfriend which he wore before and write this mantra using jasmine wood and gorochan paste over shirt and after writing seat on read asan, face north direction and recite the same mantra again 1008 times and leave breath over the cloth each time to energize and keep that cloth inside any heavy stone piece and light red candle over it with the name of boyfriend. It makes your boyfriend frustrate and depress to meet you or talk to you.

Om Hreem Hroom Kameshwarayeh His Name Mum Vashyam Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha

  • When have chance, take semen of boyfriend into any cloth and with the boyfriend picture, his cloth, semen and bisa yantra bury inside the crematorium at sunday night. This remedy increase physical attraction between couple so fast and make him forced to come closer.
  • If boyfriend always fight with you without reason so daily give water to sun at morning and recite surya mantra or aditya hriday strotra 11 times by doing surya namaskaar also that gives you ultimate power to make anyone down at front of you and to win the heart of him back.
  • This boyfriend vashikaran totka is to convince boyfriend family and keep them in favor. To do this you need two panchdhatu made simple rings, each ring energize from kaartaviryarjun mantra prayog 1188 times and one ring wear into ring finger and second one give boyfriend to wear. It will end all kind of dispute and tensions between you and his family.

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Fast



How to get your ex boyfriend back fast after break up in case if he made relationship with someone else or engaged with someone else in his life? People search always after break up to find out like how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back, how to get ex boyfriend back when he has moved on, how to get your ex boyfriend back when he broke up with you, how to get your ex boyfriend to miss you, how to get your ex back fast by text message, how to get back your ex boyfriend after he dumped you but no results come just long description with no idea and no solution but do you know vashikaran tantra mantra has solution to get ex boyfriend back after break up easily. Yes ! You can bring him back using the vashikaran mantra prayog and make him agree to love you more than before, if you want to know how to make boyfriend miss you so much so vashikaran is the best solution for you and if you have not read our detail before so just scroll up and find out useful spiritual boyfriend vashikaran tips and solutions with advice and complete detail and apply it over boyfriend to get him back again. These are powerful and effective solutions and tips to get ex boyfriend back again without any trouble and without waiting so long for any changes.


Mor pankh se vashikaran in hindi

Mor pankh se vashikaran in hindi


Mor pankh se vashikaran in hindi


अपार संपत्ति पाने तथा रूके हुए काम पूरे करने के लिए

अगर आपके काम अटके हुए हैं या आपके मन में धन-वैभव की इच्छा है तो श्रीराधाकृष्ण के मंदिर में मोर पंख की स्थापना करवाएं। प्रतिदिन उस प्रतिमा की पूजा करें तथा 40वें दिन उस मोरपंख को लाकर अपनी तिजोरी या लॉकर में रख दें। उसी दिन से धन-संपत्ति में वृद्धि आरंभ हो जाएगी और लंबे समय से अटके पड़े काम भी पूरे होने लगेंगे।

शत्रु से मुक्ति पाने के लिए

कोई व्यक्ति (या शत्रु) बहुत ज्यादा परेशान कर रहा हो तो किसी मंगलवार या शनिवार को मोर के पंख पर हनुमानजी की प्रतिमा के मस्तक के सिंदूर से एक मोरपंख पर शत्रु का नाम लिखें तथा घर के मंदिर में रात भर रखें। सुबह उठकर बिना नहाए-धोए तथा बिना किसी से बात किए बहते पानी में उस मोरपंख को बहा दें। ऐसा करने से बड़े से बड़ा शत्रु भी मित्र बन जाता है और आपका साथ देने लगता है।

राहू के अशुभ प्रभाव को दूर करने के लिए

मोर सर्प का शत्रु है, अतः जिन लोगों की कुंडली में राहू बुरा असर दे रहा हो या कालसर्पदोष हो, उन्हें सदैव मोरपंख अपने साथ रखना चाहिए।

बच्चे की जिद दूर करने के लिए

अगर बच्चा बहुत ज्यादा जिद्दी हो गया है और आपकी कोई बात नहीं मानता है तो उसे रोजाना मोर पंखे से बने पंखे से हवा करें अथवा अपने सीलिंग फैन पर ही मोर पंख चिपका दें। बच्चे का जिद्दी स्वभाव कुछ ही दिनों में अपने आप सही हो जाएगा।

कालसर्पयोग दोष दूर करने के लिए

जिन लोगों की कुण्डली में कालसर्प योग हो उन्हें अपने तकिये के खोल में 7 मोर पंख सोमवार की रात्रि में डालकर उस तकिए का उपयोग करना चाहिए। इसके साथ ही बेडरूम की पश्चिम दिशा की दीवार पर मोर पंखों का पंखा जिसमें कम से कम 11 मोर पंख लगे हों लगा देना चाहिए। इससे कुंडली में राहू-केतू का अशुभ प्रभावकम हो जाएगा।

बच्चे को नजर से बचाने के लिए

नवजात शिशु के सिरहाने पर चांदी के ताबीज में एक मोर पंख भरकर रखने से बच्चे को नजर नहीं लगेगी और उसे डर भी नहीं लगेगा।





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Help To Get Back My Boyfriend



Help To Get Back My Boyfriend, Many girls ask what can we do to bet the person we love back to us. They say they want help to get my boyfriend back and this is what we are going to do today in this article. Everyone obviously loves their boyfriends a lot, and when it comes to letting them go, it’s never easy. No ones wants to lose their boyfriend. Everyone always want to have a good and healthy relationship with their boyfriend but things don’t always happen like we want them to.

Help To Get Back My Boyfriend

Relationship are not easy and all of us know it. It’s not a piece of cake to handle a relationship well. There are so many things that one has to take care in order to make sure that a relationship works well. And sometimes even after trying really hard some problem in the relationship arises and that’s the time when you need help to get my boyfriend back techniques to make sure that you are on the right track. Just quitting on your relationship is not the right thing to do in such a case.

Loving someone is one of the purest thing in the world. And if that person loves you back then that is probably the best feeling ever in the whole world. And when the person stops loving you, you feel like the whole world is falling apart and it’s making you weak. If you boyfriend leaves you, you will obviously Feel extremely heart broken and you would feel like you have nothing left in your life. That is why, if you need help to get my boyfriend back then you should ready this article further.

Help to get my boyfriend back is something that so many people want. They always want to know a way through which they can get their boyfriend back. Because once you lose your boyfriend, then it isn’t easy to get them back. Boys are very unpredictable and you can never understand what they are thinking. And unexpectedly you can end up having a break up with them and you will be left alone. You will never know what goes wrong.

But when you actually break up with the next thing you want to do is get back with that person. Whenever a break up happens, people always want to patch up with their partner. And girls mostly always want to get back to their boyfriend but don’t want to put themselves down. That’s why they’re always asking help to get my boyfriend back and there are a few simple ways through which you can actually get your boyfriend back to you.

There are several different questions that women have in this case like, how to get ex boyfriend back when he has moved on, how to get your ex boyfriend back when he broke up with you , how to get your ex boyfriend back fast  and how to get your ex boyfriend to miss you. All these are the most frequently asked question in this category and today we will answer all of them for you and will make things better in your life. Through this article you will get all the answers that you need.

Answers to the questions.

People often ask how to get ex boyfriend back when he has moved on, and we have a few answers to this. Firstly you must change the behavior that has caused the break up in your life. You should start focusing on your life and you Must also try to move on in your life. A healthy and adventurous attracts everyone and when your ex sees you living a good life, he would also be attracted to you. For the question of how to get ex boyfriend back when he has moved on, this is the best answer.

The next question is how to get ex boyfriend back when he broke up with you. The answer for this one is also very simple and you can do it very easily. Make your ex regret his decision. Make yourself more beautiful and more smart and more strong than you were before. When he notices all these changes in you, he will regret the fact as to why he broke up with you, and in no time you will see that this technique of how to get ex back when he broke up with you has worked very well.

Many people also ask how to get your ex boyfriend back fast, and we will each a way as to how to get your ex boyfriend back fast. Firstly, you must understand that everything cannot be achieved in a day and you can’t just get what you want in a day. You have to be a little patient and work continuously if you’re wanting to get your hands on your boyfriend again. You can try talking to your boyfriend or his friends if you think that the matter can be solved through discussion. Talking to each other is the fastest way to resolve any issue.

Another common question is how to get your ex boyfriend to miss you. Well this is one of the most asked questions in the category and many women want their partners to miss them. Only when someone will miss you, they will actually want to comeback to you again. And we’ll tell you how to get your ex boyfriend to miss you. Click good pictures of yourself and post them so they can see it and miss you. Don’t text them or call them again and again, so your absence will make them miss you a lot.

We hope that this answers would help to get back my boyfriend whoever is wanting to actually get back together with their boyfriend. Moving on is not easy and is one of the hardest things to do when you really love someone, that is why through the techniques mentioned above you don’t have to forget about the love of your life. With the use of this you can actually make an effort to get your boyfriend back.

Though it is very important to understand whether you should really be getting back with your boyfriend or not. If he was really nice to you and really loved you then you can try to do this to get them back. But if they have my hurt you in the past and is not good for you, then it is better to let them go away from your life. So make the decision wisely.